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Art Jewelry Design and Lietissimo

Lietissimo Exclusive Jewelry Design process always starts with a sketch, after which a wax impression will be created to base a mold on. Then, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Topazes, Garnets and Pearls are carefully (outsourced, and inspected by GRI LAB of gemology) attached on to it. Meanwhile, metal of choice is nothing less than Argentium Sterling Silver, which is a material widely known for its non-oxidant properties, superior purity, brightness and resistance to tarnish and for no staining. Depending on the theme of creations, the silver is further coated with other luxurious metals such as Palladium and Gold Rhodium for a touch of elegance, and to enhance its aesthetic appeal. All creation become as ART Jewelry with imagination. There is no designing soft wares used to create these priceless jewelries. We do hope, you enjoy exclusive jewelry design created for you to wear and let others to know we are exist and not hiding behind the close door of Asia any more. Most of Jewelry made once, entirely by hand, ensuring exclusivity to just one lucky owner.

Art Jewelry designs by Chevy have some sort of specialty. He may work focus on creation of a certain type, such as Turquoise or Sapphire, or he may have a theme, such as contemporary or ethnic. A simple glance at the handmade creation design may provide a clue and style, and can narrow down the handmade creative designs to be choose from.

Maybe you are dreaming about that one unique jewelry piece of art that you can picture clearly in your head but have not found the design you were looking for. Maybe you thought of opting for award winning jewelry design to get your hands on… Maybe, there are many doubts and misconceptions going through your head about jewelry designs holding you back from making the decision.
We help you regarding custom unique jewelry so you to finally get your hands on that special jewelry piece you have been dreaming about.

Lietissimo Handmade Jewelry Designs and Price

The question that often arises when discussing handcrafted artisan jewelry design is the price. If you do have money to spend on a more expensive piece, custom jewelry design handcrafted art can be solution to you and suited to your loved ones exact tastes. The Lietissimo may be able to create something specifically in style, color, and size which ultimately shows that how unique piece of art jewelry design is. The price of the custom handmade jewelry design depends on what you are looking for. Some of the custom handmade made jewelry can be expensive

Choosing Handmade Custom Jewelry Design

For your loved one is a beautiful and meaningful gift to give for any occasion. Jewelry purchased from a big name jewelry store often goes out of style within a season or two, and thousands of other are wearing the exact same pieces. Custom handcrafted art jewelry design is unique and shows to put effort into finding a gift.

One of the great thing about custom handmade jewelry design is that each item is unique and it cannot be seen somewhere else. If you have budget to invest for artisan jewelry, it will be easier for you now to go for the custom handmade jewelry option and enjoy the celebrity feeling of owning a one of a kind unique art jewelry we have created for you.

Lietissimo collections that have contemporary designs, hand-crafted detail and fashionable color. We make sure to only use the best materials which includes precious stones elements, Argentium sterling silver, Ruby, Sapphire, 18 carat gold and many more. We sometimes add unique substances like gemstones powder for the further enhance the beauty of the jewelry we create.

And along with the success of our company, we never forget to help those who are less fortunate. We are actively participating in some charitable causes like supporting the orphaned children.

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